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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


Receivable Management Group is a HIPPA compliant collection agency.


Receivable Management Group offers collection services to meet most client's needs. Services we provide include: Computerized Predictive Dialer which can call five times the number of accounts than an agency on a manual system, Collection Phone Calls by collectors who regularly attend A.C.A. seminars on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, National Credit Agency Reporting, Online Debter Payment System, Remittence and Billing, multiple different Client Reports, and More. RMG charges a flat rate for actual collections. No setup charges or prepayment of fees are required.

Our "general" collection process is as follows:
  • RMG will mail each account a letter informing the debtor that they have been turned over to collections. Unless the debtor calls, their account will come up for collection work action 14 days from the day it is keyed in. After 14 days the account will be assigned to a certified collector who will work with the debtor. The number of days from the first letter to collection action can be changed to either a shorter or longer period of time, depending on the client's wishes.
  • A certified collector will contact the client and attempt to arrange payment. If and/or when payment is received payments will be remitted to client's based on the needs of the client as agreed upon with RMG.
  • Debter accounts not paid by letter or via collectors phone calls will be reviewed by our office manager for further action which may include listing the debtor with a national credit reporting agency and/or recommending to clients that legal action be taken. RMG will promptly notify clients of all accounts that are uncollectable.

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    Collection Agency Services
    Debter Collection Actions Letter(s)
    Computerized Predictive Dialer
    Collection Phone Calls
    National Credit Agency Reporting
    Online Debter Payment System
    Remittence and Billing
    Client Reports
    and More
    RMG works with clients to taylor collection services to meet unique needs.
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